die Kunst zu übersetzen – the art of translation – el arte en la traducción – l’art de traduction

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Expert translation in History of Art and Culture
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Dr. Andreas Curtius – Translator – Art Historian – Historian





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The art translation Philosophy

Someone who wants to translate a specialised text in history of art or other humanities correctly must have specialist knowledge

1st to understand the related facts and to reproduce them correctly and

2nd to dominate the special vocabulary and to use it correctly.

Especially in the last point most of the translators are lacking of knowledge. So technical terms in art history or architectural history are often used in a mistaken way and thus the sense of the text is distorted. This does not only lead to problems of understanding on behalf of the reader, but also compromises your reputation.

Art translation helps you to avoid this.

The translators of art translation are specialists in both fields: language and content. This is testified by their own research and publications in several languages.

Thus art translation is able to offer you professional, qualified translations in history of art and other humanities.

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